All Incomplete by Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, pdf/book “building on the ideas Harney and Moten developed in Undercommons…this book extends the critical investigation of logistics, individuation and sovereignty and reflects [the authors’] chances to travel,
listen and deepen commitments to and claims upon partiality.

All Incomplete studies the history of a preference for the force and ground and underground of social existence and engages a vibrant constellation of thought that includes the work of Amilcar Cabral, Erica Edwards, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Cedric Robinson, Walter Rodney,
Hortense Spillers and others. Harney and Moten seek to share and understand that preference. Moten and Harney hope to have forged what Manolo Callahan,
echoing Ivan Illich, calls a convivial tool that – despite the temptation to improve and demand, develop and govern, separate and grasp – helps us renew our habits of assembly.

Features the work of award winning photographer Zun Lee, exploring and celebrating the everyday spaces of Black sociality, intimacy, belonging, and insurgency, and a preface by Denise Ferreira da Silva.

pdf download here…

Moholy Nagy Mini Opera at Other Cinema on 12/11/2021

We staged “Light Space Time & Motion” on 12/11/2021

Moholy Nagy – Light Space Time and Motion

A audiovisual musical journey into the light sculptures of Moholy Nagy

featuring 3D anaglyph projections of the *Light Space Modulator* as well as Moholy Nagy’s own films and the special effects work he built for Alexander Korda’s 1936 Science Fiction classic based on H.G. Wells “Things to Come”.
John Smalley will perform as Moholy Nagy, Molly Hankwitz maker of special stage props and art director.

Music and projection film edited by David Cox.

*Song “Light Space Time and Motion” lyrics by John Smalley, music by David Cox
All Music Tracks by David Cox
Lines and Circles
ABC of Sound
Light Space Modulator
*Light Space Time and Motion

june research

9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X 12 – 16 July Online

xCoAx is an exploration of the intersection where computational tools and media meet art and culture, in the form of a multi-disciplinary enquiry on aesthetics, computation, communication and the elusive X factor that connects them all.

The focus of xCoAx is on the unpredictable overlaps between the freedom of creativity and the rules of algorithms, between human nature and machine technology, with the aim to evolve towards new directions in aesthetics.

xCoAx has been an occasion for international audiences to meet and exchange ideas, in search for interdisciplinary synergies among computer scientists, artists, media practitioners, and theoreticians at the thresholds between digital arts and culture. Starting in 2013 in Bergamo, xCoAx has so far taken place in:

Bodies Online – Magdalena Festival is a women in theater festival, Suzon Fuks turned me onto it as she has performed several times. Just caught the end this time around, but want to write more about it for next iteration.

061821_counterculture publication

Article on the countercultural newspaper, The East Village Other to which many luminaries contributed! sent to Craig for his approval. smile.


native-land.ca – downloadable app and online map of indigenous territories, treaties and languages