Moholy Nagy Mini Opera at Other Cinema on 12/11/2021

We staged “Light Space Time & Motion” on 12/11/2021

Moholy Nagy – Light Space Time and Motion

A audiovisual musical journey into the light sculptures of Moholy Nagy

featuring 3D anaglyph projections of the *Light Space Modulator* as well as Moholy Nagy’s own films and the special effects work he built for Alexander Korda’s 1936 Science Fiction classic based on H.G. Wells “Things to Come”.
John Smalley will perform as Moholy Nagy, Molly Hankwitz maker of special stage props and art director.

Music and projection film edited by David Cox.

*Song “Light Space Time and Motion” lyrics by John Smalley, music by David Cox
All Music Tracks by David Cox
Lines and Circles
ABC of Sound
Light Space Modulator
*Light Space Time and Motion